4 quick tips for a fresh smelling home even if you cook!
Apr 28 2023 team quisina

4 quick tips for a fresh smelling home even if you cook!

I grew up in a condo and one of the most frustrating challenges is how your ENTIRE house smells after cooking one thing. And once the smell is there, it sometimes takes hours, if you're lucky, or even days, at worse, for those strong dishes. And being Filipinos, we tend to enjoy those types of flavorful ulam.

Don't let this discourage you from cooking your favorite dishes! Here are four tips to help you cook in your home and lessen the lingering smells.

These might sound simple but trust me when I adopted them.

Clean as you go

Clean as you go

As you cook, clean up any spills or messes that might occur while you are cooking instead of pushing them off at clean up. This will help to prevent any smells from lingering and make cleanup much easier once you're finished.

This also applies to covering all condiments that are not being used while cooking. Yes, I'm talking about that bottle of patis.

Cook with your oven/air fryer more.

Okay, I got this one when I was talking to a regular customer. She mentioned how she loved ordering our air fryer selection because she gets to enjoy her meals without making her entire house smell like ulam.

Not only did she save time by not having to prepare the food from scratch but her unit doesn't smell and gets to relax after with a fresh home!

This inspired me to make sure I provide air frying/baking instructions for all products we make!

Ventilate ventilate ventilate

 I know it's obvious but sometimes we just need a reminder. It takes 2 seconds to open the windows and turn on the hood fan and it's a world of difference.

Fresh air and proper airflow help dissipate smells, making your kitchen a more pleasant place to be. So next time you cook, remember to crack a window and turn on the fan.

Charcoal and vinegar

Activated charcoal can absorb cooking odors and leave your kitchen smelling fresh. Simply place a bowl of charcoal in your kitchen at night and let it do its magic.

As for vinegar, spraying diluted vinegar on countertops can lessen

I hope these tips help you make your mealtimes in the kusina quicker and easier! We all deserve a restful night after a long day at work and the least we can have is a fresh-smelling home to enjoy.