Lower Maynilad bills with these dishwashing hacks
Jul 03 2023 team quisina

Lower Maynilad bills with these dishwashing hacks

“After a long day of working, I find it relaxing to wash dishes after cooking dinner”, said no one EVER. 

I hate dishwashing. It has to be one of the things that drove me to build Quisina. Having all my meals prepared in batches significantly lessened my dishwashing time when it comes to mealtimes.

This not only saved my time but water bills!

Work smarter, not harder. And this mantra also works for dishwashing! Not only will these tips help you save water but also save time and elbow grease.

These few tips will only require minimal adjustment and you will be amazed how drastically it makes your life easier, how much quicker you will finish the dishes and in turn lower your Maynilad bills. It is a win-win-win situation!

segregate and prioritize

Segregate and prioritize


Before you even start washing the dishes, it helps to segregate which dishes are only slightly dirty from the greasy ones.

A plate that you used to eat a sandwich is not as dirty as the pot where you cooked your greasy binagoongan.

Some people just chuck everything in the sink which makes everything equally dirty especially when it's already filled with water. Now you have to scrub everything since the oil from the greasy pots is already contaminating the slightly dirty plates.

So segregate and wash the cleaner ones before the dirty ones so your sponge is still fresh.

wipe before rinse

Wipe before rinse


  This was something my mother always told me when we were still small. It drove me insane, but moving out and having to do my dishes I fully understood how much this helps.

Aside from throwing out the debris from the plate, it also helps if you wipe away the sauce and oils from the dirty dishes.

The thing is the oil makes it difficult for the water to rinse it out so if you wipe most of it away it is already half the task are usually use old paper bags or newspapers.

On weekends I cut them up so that I have a stash of appropriate sizes ready for the week to go. They don't have to be perfect so it wouldn't take so long to do it.

use better soap

Use better soap

I get it. We are Filipinos and it is innate in us to go for the most economical option when it comes to things we don't care about. I get it. I’d rather spend on better quality food than a pricier dishwashing liquid.

My tita friend convinced me to try out the brand Dawn. My (dishwashing) life changed! God, I wish I’m being paid by Dawn to share this but, sadly, I'm not. It’s just too good to not share.

It truly cuts down the scrubbing and rinsing time.

A bottle of Dawn is way more expensive than the others but in the end, a php350 bottle ended up lasting us almost 10 weeks. And we were able to do the dishes faster and use less water.

So yes, it’s worth it, it all evens out in the end.

Choose better sponges

Choose better sponges

Not all sponges are created equally.

I recently made the switch to scrubdaddy. It's more expensive than the usual sponges but again your time and elbow grease is more valuable than a few peso upgrade.

You don't have to get the one I use but I do feel getting those unbranded sponges are an utter waste of time. They just push around the oil instead of washing it away.

Re-use veggie and rice water

Re-use veggie and rice water

So everyone knows that soaking dirty grime-y pans helps make dishwashing easier. You can use used water for this!

I wash my rice first thing when I'm cooking and I have a stainless bowl near my sink where I pour my “clean used water” to be re-used later for soaking dirty dishes.

You can also reuse the water you used for washing your fruits and veggies.

I hope these tips help you. I want to help you make your mealtimes easier not only with the cooking part but even the planning and clean up.

It warms my heart when I get messages from customers who express how much our food has helped them make more time for themselves.

I hope this list helps you make your dishwashing time easier and lower your Maynilad bill a bit lighter.